Customer Relationship Management

Successfully manage your interactions with customers and prospects

EAC-CRM software for small and medium-sized enterprises integrates consistent orientation to customers and the systematic design of customer relationship processes.

Modern technologies like EDI, integration of tools like Excel and Outlook, the usage of SQL Database and integration of e-business solutions for B2B and B2C makes this CRM-system a robust and efficient working tool.

The primary goal is to improve the in-house organization and consistently exploit existing rationalization potential to gain competitive advantage and growth.

EAC has a large number of business-specific solutions and the software team is able to respond to any individual requirement and to offer the best solution for any customer request:

• Proposals, orders, delivery sheets and invoices management

• Prices and conditions management

• Point of sale Management

• Specific solutions (Cash register, Barcode reader, Loyalty card...)

• B2B and B2C portal

Powerful and versatile tool

EAC-CRM offers the perfect balance between a stable and robust tool yet offering the agility that the most demanding organization needs.

Multi-device support

EAC-CRM can seamlessly work on all type of device with or without data connection enabling your teams to work in the remotest locations.

Customizable reporting

Beside its standard reporting capabilities, EAC-CRM is designed to quickly getting your data into your favorite spreadsheet software.

Common sense recovered

EAC-CRM is ideal is a non-non sense tool that let your team focus on what really matters.