Your end-to-end partner for ERP & IT Infrastructure

At EAC, we see our mission as: "Enabling our clients to realize the full potential of the digital by providing innovative and integrated ERP and IT infrastructure solutions".

We help our clients  from Consulting, Design, Development, Implementation, Maintenance to Lifecycle Management.

Our goal is to release our clients from the complexity, the constraints and the risks of implementing and managing their own IT platform which are usually critical challenges for Small and Medium Enterprises...

Our Offering


We have developed an entire ERP solution to meet the most specific and demanding customer needs.


We provide the best infrastructure to support our ERP solution. From servers to workstations and specific operational equipment.


We strive to provide best-in class services to support our ERP and IT equipment

Our Industry Solutions

Wholesale and Retail

EAC counts a significant number of clients in the Wholesale and Retail industries such as: FilterService, Hendrichs, Kockartz, Herregods-Franssen, Niederau, Ethiquable.

In addition to our classical ERP, CRM and hardware solutions, we have developed additional ones to address specific sector's needs such as:

• Point of Sales management,
• Loyalty Card program,
• Cash Register,
• Warehouse management,
• Time Registration,
• Manpower Planning,
• Activity Monitoring and Supervision,
• Tour Planning and Mobile Fleet Delivery,
• EDI with external partners.

Engineering and Manufacturing 

References including Airwatec,  X-Pack, Faymonville, Asten Johnson ... are references of EAC.

Most of them use our classical ERP, CRM and hardware solutions. To respond to their specific requirements we have developed a number of innovative solutions for:
• Warehouse management,
• Delivery and Shipment Planning,
• Production Planning (Equipment, Material, Human Resources),
• Complex Procurement,
• Cross-Companies Invoicing,
• Enhanced Analytical Accounting,
• EDI interfaces with partners.

Transport and Logistics

EAC has a in-dept expertise in the Transport and Logistics industry due to a multi-years collaboration with clients such as TLI, DB-Shenker-SCA ...

To enable those clients to get the most of the technologies, EAC has developed - aside its classical ERP, CRM and hardware solutions:

Best in class industrial solutions such as:
• Complex Warehouse Management (including Stock Rotation, Temporary Storage, barcode, handheld scanners...),
• Transport Control Tower,
• Mobile Fleet Delivery Application and Devices including e-signature & automatic archiving,
Track & Trace web-solution and
• EDI interfaces with Partners


The Accounting solution of EAC called EACcouting is particularly appreciated by accounting service companies: BIEC, Xhardez-Mengels, ...

Those companies are not only using our software solution for their own needs but also as the platform to deliver the services to their clients.

Thanks to that collaboration, EAC can benefits for best practices and advises that will be incorporated in the ERP - Accounting solution over time.

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