General Accounting Analytics

Accurately manage your financial information and reporting

EAC general accounting analytics software is at the heart of our ERP.

The current release is the 6th generation of this constantly updated key software, which reflects the experience of a 30 year ongoing evolution.

It is a user-friendly, locally developed application and complies fully with Belgian, Luxembourg and German regulations. We have installed the software successfully either in small businesses as well as in large multinational companies.

In addition to the integrated modules for sector administration, analytical accounting and depreciation management, the software is well equipped with task management and activity tracking.

Supporting multi-user, multi-client and several languages the software is very popular amongst internal accountants as well as external accounting service providers.

The key features are:

• Full screen activation for clearly structured layout

• Task Management

•  Smart search for customer, suppliers and accounts

• Unlimited active periods

• Automatic booking of financial transactions

• Intelligent auto processing of digitized documents

• Self-learning booking procedures

• Integrated document archiving

• Fast workflow operation

Powerful and versatile tool

EAC-GAA offers the perfect balance between a stable and robust tool yet offering the agility that the most demanding organization needs.

Multi-device support

EAC-GAA can seamlessly work on all type of device with or without data connection enabling your teams to work in the remotest locations.

Customizable reporting

Beside its standard reporting capabilities, EAC-GAA is designed to quickly getting your data into your favorite spreadsheet software.

Common sense recovered

EAC-GAA is ideal is a non-non sense tool that let your team focus on what really matters