Robust and compehensive solutions

We provide the best infrastructure to run your operations

Servers and Network

Thanks to a multi-year experience, EAC can design, build and manage your servers on premise or in the cloud according to your specific requirements using 'future-ready' components.

Aside the servers, we also provide the necessary communication  such as:
• switches,
• routers,
• wifi access points
• IP telephony

We strive to give your employees an uninterrupted and secure experience...

Operational Technology Equipment

Thanks to our extensive experience with industrial clients, we are able to provide you with the industrial devices that are integrated into our applications and infrastructure solutions including:
• barcode readers,
• handheld and ring scanners,
• Mobile computers and tablets
• RFID products
• labels printers
• badge readers
• Locating systems
• Interactive Kiosks 
• Sensors

Professional Computers

EAC provides a broad of PC's from thin clients to powerful workstations according to the specific professional usage and taking care of your preferences.

We offer standard models or highly customized ones to perfectly meet your requirements. 


EAC wish to be your 'one-stop-shop' and can take care of the supply of accessories and consumables :
• printers,
• screens,
• toner & ink ...