About us

EAC is a technology services company specialized in the development and maintenance of ERP applications, the sale and maintenance of IT equipment and the provision of business and technical expertise. 

EAC was created in the 80's to provide end-to-end IT services to the SME in the eastern Belgium region. Since then, the company has engaged in numerous projects and maintenance contracts exclusively with professional customers (B2B).

In July 2021, a new management team has been appointed in order to ensure the continuity and development of the company for the long term. 

EAC develops its solutions using the latest rebust and secure technologies.

Most of the proposed solutions, often designed more than 25 years ago, have continuously evolved to perfectly match the customers most demanding requirements.

The company is located in Eupen-Baelen  and delivers its services in Wallonia, Germany and Luxembourg.

Our Clients trust us