Human Capital Managenent & Time Collection System

Manage your staff data

The HCM module covers all functionalities you need:

• employee and organization data

• competences and skills

• education and trainings

• careers

• recruitment and onboarding

• full integration with the TCS module

TCS integrates operating time and data acquisition with optional access control. It is an industry-independent overall solution for managing, collecting and analyzing time specific data. Time can be collected only for staff presence recording purposes and/or for order/project-specific labor times management.

The system allows entering personal data, global or individual work calendars with different time patterns, rules, absence times and global and individual holidays. Different wizards help to enter global data. All these instruments, together with the collected hours, give a comprehensive overview over the actual presences and allow detailed and global analyses.

A connection to payroll accounting, cost calculation modules, PPS module and private and public organizations is possible.

The staff working time and the production equipment used are directly entered on our TCS-terminals. Different types of TCS-terminals are available depending on the complexity of requested entries. For simple time presence registration only a badge-reader or fingerprint reader is necessary. According to the respective environment circumstances we install robust terminals according to safety class IP54 to IP65.

TCS is also able to control interior or exterior doors by granting individual access to connected entry points and by recording all accesses.

Powerful and versatile tool

EAC-TCS offers the perfect balance between a stable and robust tool yet offering the agility that the most demanding organization needs.

Multi-device support

EAC-TCS can seamlessly work on all type of device with or without data connection enabling your teams to work in the remotest locations.

Customizable reporting

Beside its standard reporting capabilities, EAC-TCS is designed to quickly getting your data into your favorite spreadsheet software.

Common sense recovered

EAC-TCS is ideal is a non-non sense tool that let your team focus on what really matters