Digital Archive System

Safely store and quickly access all company documents and e-mails

DAS enables a structured digitization and archiving of all company documents and e-mails: by simply dragging the documents into the archiving system, you organize the storage of your electronic documents.

Documents are stored centrally so they can be retrieved by all authorised persons. The documents are assigned to a customer or supplier or are stored in a general folder.

The client determines the structure of the storage system. This allows free creation of folders and subdivisions. For each document a description and comments can be added. The system can be parameterized to move the original document or e-mail to the archive and erase the original from its original location, or copy only one copy to the archive and preserve the original.

Finding documents is easy. DAS supports global search, search by customer or supplier, search by keywords and categories. The result of the search is displayed in form of a table with preview of the documents.

A special module has been created for notaries allowing managing customer files and archiving all corresponding notarial documents, correspondence and e-mails

Powerful and versatile tool

EAC-DAS offers the perfect balance between a stable and robust tool yet offering the agility that the most demanding organization needs.

Multi-device support

EAC-DAS can seamlessly work on all type of device with or without data connection enabling your teams to work in the remotest locations.

Customizable reporting

Beside its standard reporting capabilities, EAC-DAS is designed to quickly getting your data into your favorite spreadsheet software.

Common sense recovered

EAC-DAS is ideal is a non-non sense tool that let your team focus on what really matters