Web Based Solutions

B2B and B2C solutions linked to our ERP

WBS (web-based solutions) has become an important part of our business over time.

Our web-based solutions covers B2B and B2C applications as well as in-house web-based functions for the management, sales representatives or others. Our solutions also include web-shop directly linked to our ERP system.

We also offer individual solution for creating web services that can be integrated in all our applications to insert or consult data. Depending on the application, these web services are used to connect internal mobile applications or to offer to your customers or suppliers an innovative way to communicate with your system. 

All our solutions are meeting the market standards and are usable on all kinds of equipment from smartphone to computers.

Powerful and versatile tool

EAC-WBS offers the perfect balance between a stable and robust tool yet offering the agility that the most demanding organization needs.

Multi-device support

EAC-WBS can seamlessly work on all type of device with or without data connection enabling your teams to work in the remotest locations.

Common sense recovered

EAC-WBS is ideal is a non-non sense tool that let your team focus on what really matters